Josh Reddick Wore A Speedo To Celebrate The Houston Astros' Big Win Last Night

Celebrating in style.
Houston Astros' ALDS Win Last Night Called For A Unique Celebration

Last night was a night the Houston Astros will never forget, for they took home a victory against the Tampa Bay Rays in one of the most important games of the season. The Astros' ALDS win called for a celebration, and #22 Josh Reddick had a plan for how he was going to celebrate all along. After grabbing a bottle of champagne and strapping on a Goku from Dragon Ball Z speedo, it was time to party.

The Astros won Game 5 of the American League Division Series 6-1, eliminating the Rays from the competition entirely. There's quite possibly no better reason for a celebration than something like this, and Reddick knew to take advantage of the night in a way no one else would've thought to do. I mean, if you're going to be part of a champagne shower might as well dress for the occasion, right?

It seemed as though Josh knew they would have the big win last night because he was not only prepared to throw on his Goku speedo, but he came ready to party with a pair of goggles and a cigar in his mouth. Not to mention, he had his slides on because there's no sliping and sliding when you're drenched in champagne.

The Astros weren't the only ones celebrating last night. It felt like the entire city of Houston was out on the streets partying the night away, thanks to their beloved team. While the Astros' were showering themselves in champagne and other drinks of choice, their fans were doing the same, if not more. If you live in HTX, we hope you weren't trying to get too much sleep last night!

We can only hope the energy both on and off the field will be the same after the team goes up against the New York Yankees on Saturday at the Juice Box. Judging based off of how they played last night, we have no doubt it will!

If the team was confident in their ability to get to the World Series before this win, they are now more than ever. A 6-1 win is a huge deal, especially against a team like the Tampa Bay Rays. Every other team in the running for the championship title should fully prepare to go through the Houston Astros first.