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Get Free Fries With Wine At A Houston Bar To-Go

There are a few things most of us can agree on, like how free things are awesome, fries are the best form of potato, and it's never a bad time to have wine. Especially now, with everyone spending so much time at home, the last point has never been so true. Texas thinks so too, so you can now get free fries with your wine to-go at this Houston bar!

The artsy Montrose bar, Bar Boheme, in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, currently has its seating area closed down in an effort to help keep customers and staff safe. 

However, the bar is still open and ready to give you your delicious food and booze fix through to-go orders or delivery.

Bar Boheme is offering a really cool to-go deal where, if you order a bottle of wine, you get a massive pile of Vietnamese fries for free!

They have their wine list up on their Instagram so it's easy to pick the bottle you want delivered right to your door.

The Vietnamese fries are technically a "Shareable" and meant for more than one person, but we won't judge if you intend to have the bottle of wine and the huge pile of loaded fries all to yourself! Social distancing applies to food too, right? 

The fries come topped with hoisin sauce, sriracha, garlic mayo, cilantro, and crushed peanuts, which all definitely sound amazing.

If you're in the loop and order directly through Bar Boheme (not using a delivery service app), you get to score some free delivery!

Even if you're outside of the loop, you can still order for pick-up and when you order straight through them, you get 20% off your order.

If you want something boozy but wine isn't really your thing, they also offer frozen mojitos, mimosas, Pina Coladas, and frosé to-go.

Bar Boheme

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

Address: 307 Fairview St., Houston, TX

Why You Need It To-Go: Free fries. With a bottle of wine. Plus free delivery and to-go discounts!

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