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Houston Distillery's Hand Sanitizer Is Hitting Shelves Near You

We can assume that most people know about the shortage of a few certain essentials caused by the recent panic. Toilet paper, soap, and hand sanitizer have become a bit tricky to find out in stores while businesses try to restock to fill demand. A local Houston distillery hopes to make hand sanitizer out of their alcohol to help decrease this shortage so people can stay clean.

Houston's Gulf Coast Distillers decided to take on this challenge after seeing the demand for hand sanitizer go up among the pandemic.

One of the largest distilleries in Texas, they typically only make alcohol such as beer, vodka, whiskey, and bourbon, along with their line of coffee.

They were able to get FDA approved formulas on how to make hand sanitizer and have been hustling and bustling to get their very own line of the product out and on the shelves for Houstonians to buy. 

In an interview with Click2Houston, the president of Gulf Coast Distillers, Carlos de Aldecoa, shared that the distillery pondered “how can we help the community?” amid the local panic.

He finished by saying that the company doesn't know how long they'll be making hand sanitizer for, “but we’re glad we can make a change.”

Not only will Houstonians be able to purchase the new line of sanitizer, but others across Texas will too. 

You can pick up a bottle (and please, only one bottle) at stores such as H-E-B, Dollar General, Aldi and some other shops that already stock the Distillery's other products.

During these tough times, the best thing everyone can do is stay home, stay clean, and do what they can to help their community without threatening anyone's safety.

This is just one of many North American distilleries that are working hard to turn what they do best into a product that everyone wants and needs right now.

If you know of anyone at higher-risk who needs help in your neighborhood, consider stopping by your nearest grocery chain that carries this hand sanitizer and picking up a bottle for them, as well.

Stay safe, Texans!

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