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You Can Play With Baby Goats And Feed Calves At This Adorable Houston Farm

Don't forget to tip the cows 15 percent!
You Can Play With Baby Goats And Feed Calves At This Adorable Houston Farm

Whether you've always wanted to feed a baby goat or milk a cows, the Jersey Barnyard has all your straw-hat dreams covered. 

On over 740 acres of land and a barnyard, you can find 100 cows, ponies, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, ducks, pigs, sheep, and even a fainting goat. Which, I've discovered after further research, is a goat that "temporarily seizes when it feels panic." Something tells me that's not a great survival skill, but I totally relate to the little guy.

There are two tour options. You can take a self-guided tour for $5 or a guided tour for $10.

In the 1-1.5 hour guided tour, a guide will walk you around and educate you on all of their farm animals. You'll even get to feed goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. After you pet some furry creatures, hop onto the hackstacks in a tractor, and head over to see the famous Jersey cows. You'll even get a chance to milk them - if thats something you find appealing.

For the self-guided tour, you don't get to milk a cow or get a hayride, but you do get to make up your own stories and fun facts behind everything you see without anyone getting in the way of your farmyard fun! 

You can pet pretty much any animal that will let you, buy a cup of feed for $1, or a calf bottle for $2 and let those maternal instincts soar.

Among fresh milk, cheese, and eggs, you can also get Blue Bell ice cream from their farm shop. They know their place. Nothing beats Blue Bell.

The Jersey Barnyard holds events throughout the year like an epic Easter egg hunt, an endless pumpkin patch, and goat yoga (obviously).

The Jersey Barnyard

Price: $5-10

Address: 3117 State Highway 159 LaGrange, TX 78945

Why you should go: Delicious ice cream, dairy production and animal education, farm tours, fainting goats, goats, and more goats.


We strongly advise that before you go visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security and animal rights. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment and the animals.

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