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There's A Carnival Food Truck Fest Coming To Houston With Waffle Burgers

Cute animals and food? I'm down.
Houston Food Truck Fest Has Carnival Activities And Waffle Cheeseburgers

Get your stomachs ready y'all cause Houston is going to have a carnival-themed food truck fest! Spring is coming up quick and that means we've gotta start getting our outdoorsy plans in order. Which if you're anything like me, means you like your outdoorsy events with as little physical activity and as much food as possible. If so, then West Houston's 8th annual Food Truck Festival might be a good event to add to your calendar.

There's going to be a ton of different foods to try but one I'm really excited about is The Waffle Bus. It's an H-Town favorite and they even made an appearance at Travis Scott's last Astroworld Fest. As you can tell by the name, they're gonna be dishing out all things waffles.

But if a whole burger sounds like too much and you'd rather grab something smaller, they'll also have waffle burger sliders and the buns are made out of waffle fries!

If waffles aren't your thing, that's cool. They're going to have a big variety of trucks, ranging from wraps to pho-Mexican fusion.

The fest is gonna be on April 26 and tickets are cheap at only $8. But all ticket proceeds go to local charities like the Houston Food Bank, so eat for a good cause! The ticket buys you access to the trucks, a bar, and different carnival activities, including a petting zoo.

The fest is also family-friendly with a bunch of stuff young ones can do, like getting animal balloons and face-painting.

If an annual fest isn't often enough for you to get your carnival fix, there's a truck yard with a Ferris wheel. And if indoors is more your thing then check out this adult playground bar!

8th Annual West Houston Food Truck Festival

Price: 💸 - 💸💸 (but admission goes to a good cause)

Cuisine: Food trucks

Address: 13875 Brimhurst Drive, Houston, TX 

Why you need to go: To take advantage of the weather before it gets too hot, by eating delicious foods and petting cute animals.


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