So you think you love your favorite fruit. But do you love it enough to build a gigantic monument in honor of it? Jeff McKissack did. And we're reaping the benefits of this man's love for oranges through the folkart installation, "The Orange Show" located in Houston's East End.

The monument is a hand-crafted collection of architecture completed in 1979, taking more than 20 years to build. I mean, it was build single handedly by one engineer who didn't even have any formal training in architecture at all. How many years are you spending building something in honor of your favorite fruit?

This 3,000 square foot masterpiece encompasses an oasis, a stage for concerts, upper decks, and a wishing well. It is basically a maze in and of itself, made up of repurposed wagon wheens, mannequins, and other odd trinkets that will have you saying "what the heck?" in the same breath as "this is incredible." 

It aims to educate the public on the orange from nutrition and the health benefits they provide to where oranges are grown to their down-right deliciousness.

Pretty much any way you could think of to promote a juicy fruit (and, I promise you, you haven't thought of most of these), Jeff McKissack did it first. 

Think: antique shop with brighter colors or post-apocalyptic playfort. Admission is only $5, and free for kids!

The Orange Show is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 pm. And beginning June 15, it will extend its opening times to Wednesday through Sunday from 12-5 pm for the summer.

If only this guys favorite fruit was a banana.

The Orange Show

Price: $5

Address: 2402 Munger Street, Houston, TX 77023

Why you need to go: You need to appreciate oranges more than you currently do. It's a piece of art that is absolutely inspiring.