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The Craziest Hot Dogs In Houston Can Be Found At This Cult Favorite Truck

But have you ever tried curry ketchup.
Houston Hot Dog Truck With Insane Toppings Is A Local Favorite

With all of the food options in Houston, sometimes it's hard to know who's the best of the best. Luckily though, when it comes to hot dogs, there seems to be a pretty clear winner with Houstonians. There's a Houston hot dog truck that has been seen all around the city for years, and if you didn't know, they're known for their insanely huge and yummy hot dogs!

Yoyo's Hot Dog definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to the hot dog game, and are way better than any dog you could grill up at a backyard bbq. Not to mention they're also twice as massive as any other dog you can find, which is great because you get plenty of bang for your buck. 

Their menu is pretty simple, mainly sticking to quality hot dogs and fries. Honestly that's fine because all of the craziness comes from their super interesting toppings.

You can even customize your dog, but I recommend ordering it "all the way." What does that mean? That includes toppings like curry ketchup, crispy fried onions, and cream cheese!

Yoyo's originally started off as a food stand in Midtown, but the demand has grown so much that they now have their wildly successful traveling truck. After being around for years, the hype around these delicious dogs just continues to grow and there are even loyal Yoyo's fans from other cities.

To keep up with where they're at, you should follow them on Twitter.

One taste of the curry ketchup and cream cheese yumminess and you'll see why this truck has been such a staple in the Houston food scene for years!

If chicken is more your thing then you should definitely try this food truck, and if you want a list of some of the other crazy foods H-town has to offer, check out the list we've made for ya.

Yoyo's Hot Dog

Price: 💸

Address: It depends!

Why you need to go: This long-time Houston staple truly has the best hot dogs!


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