2020 Is Going To Be A Historic Hurricane Season For Houston

You're advised to get flood insurance even if you've never flooded before.
2020 Is Going To Be A Historic Hurricane Season For Houston

Houston is no stranger to hurricanes, any local can tell you that. Driving through the city, you can find endless bayous made to protect neighborhoods from flooding and road signs that warn flooding levels. Houston's 2020 hurricane season is predicted to be "above-normal" and officials are warning citizens to get prepared early on to avoid any mass destruction or loss.

This morning, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo warned Houstonians about the dangers of this year's hurricane season that will hit parts of Texas.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), just released their assessment that shows the high number of hurricanes and heavy storms that are predicted to hit the coast this season.

Their outlook finds a 60% chance of the Atlantic seeing an above-normal season. With a small 10% chance of the country seeing a below-normal season, they urge that it is crucial for locals to prepare for a lot of storms.

June 1 to November 30 is when the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will occur, meaning the stormy time is coming near. NOAA predicts that we could see 3 to 6 major hurricanes, that could range from category 3-5.

“As Americans focus their attention on a safe and healthy reopening of our country, it remains critically important that we also remember to make the necessary preparations for the upcoming hurricane season,” said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in the NOAA statement that was released on May 21, 2020.

The Harris County Judge took to Twitter to announce the latest update on weather prediction news. "We're predicted to have an above-normal hurricane season," the tweet stated.

She reminded locals to "get flood insurance if you can - even if you haven't flooded before" along with advising them to "build a kit" and "make a hurricane evacuation plan."

The judge recommends locals visit the Harris County website for more information on prepping their home.

The National Weather Service, along with the NOAA, shared their insights on the busy Atlantic season that was forecasted for 2020. 

The video they posted warns people that there will be higher-than-average sea-surface temperatures along with other natural factors that can bring on stronger or more frequent hurricanes.

They expect 13 to 19 named storms, 6 to 10 hurricanes, and 3 to 6 major hurricanes during the 2020 season.

NOAA's Twitter shared the list of storm names for the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Bertha, Hanna, Omar, and Paulette are just a few of the many names for the storms potentially headed to Texas.

They also shared that there is a 70% chance of the country seeing 13 to 19 named storms, which is why so many names are prepared.