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Houston Is Getting A New Dog Friendly Restaurant And Bar This Year

You can now enjoy a drink with your pup at this new Houston hot spot.

A new dog-friendly restaurant and bar called Lazy Dog will be opening in Houston later this year. The restaurant will be opening its first Houston location at Cypress Crossing for all dog lovers to enjoy. Now you can spend more time with your loyal pup by bringing them to dinner and drinks with you! 

If you've ever wanted to go out with your friends all evening but felt bad about leaving Fluffy at home for so long, now you don't have to worry! The new restaurant and bar will have a spacious outdoor patio and lounge area for dog owners to hang out with their pets while enjoying an arrangement of their popular dishes and drinks. Lazy Dog will have plenty of TVs, outdoor fireplaces and fun entertainment for sports watchers, groups of friends, and parties!

The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar offers a long menu of dinner and lunch options for their pup loving guests. You can choose from a list of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, noodles, and much more. They also have plenty of appetizers, desserts, and a weekend brunch menu to choose from. 

Your precious pup can also enjoy a tasty dinner from Lazy Dog's special dog-only menu which includes grilled meats, veggies, and brown rice. A late night out can't get any more dog-friendly than this!

You will easily be able to spend the entire evening with your besties and all of your pups at the incredible new dog loving restaurant and bar!

Anyone trying out the new Lazy Dog restaurant has to try one of their specialty cocktails or beers. They offer a long list of locally crafted beers along with wines, margaritas, housemade sangrias, and brunch cocktails. And with their outstanding late night Happy Hours, you'll want to try them all!

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The Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar will be opening later this year (late summer to fall) at the intersection of Highway 290 and Wortham at Cypress Crossing in Houston.