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Houston Is Getting An All-New Magical Unicorn Dessert Shop Next Week

Magical Dessert Bar opens in both Dallas and Houston.
Houston Is Getting An All-New Magical Unicorn Dessert Shop Next Week

The unicorn themed Magical Dessert Bar is expanding to a second Dallas location and to Houston. Both of the new Dallas based rainbow dessert shops will be opening on March 9th to provide the biggest and tastiest unicorn treats to their massive fan base. Check out either of the grand openings of the new locations for a taste of the magical milkshakes, creative cake, and colorful cookies.

Just opened late last year, the Magical Dessert Bar had locals going crazy for the unicorn treats and visitors from out of town would travel 1-2+ hours to get a taste of the sugary creations. They quickly had to deal with incredibly long lines, wait times, and lack of seating which prompted their expansion to a much bigger location down the street from their original store along with their first location out of Dallas.

The Magical Dessert Bar specializes in all of the classic favorite desserts, from layered cakes to massive milkshakes. Every dessert is absolutely Instagram worthy and their flavors are out of this world! The shop's most incredible creation is their Unicorn Shake that comes with a multitude of flavors and can be topped with a cupcake, waffle cones or even a whole slice of rainbow cake!

For a novelty dessert spot, the prices are reasonable for their arrangement of decorated cakes, donuts, cookies and drinks. The most expensive item on the menu is the sharable Unicorn Shake with the slice of rainbow cake on top, which will cost you about $15. 

Magical Dessert Bar's Facebook page shared with their customers that if they dress like a unicorn for the grand opening they can get 20% off, and ten customers will win free Unicorn Milkshakes for a month! 

Magical Dessert Bar's new Houston location is at 907 Westheimer Rd and their new Dallas location is at 3408 Main St. 

Head over to either location on March 9th to join in on the incredible deals and enjoy a towering rainbow milkshake.

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