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Houston Is Getting An Inflatable Amusement Park This November

Oh, the things we'd do differently if there were no consequences for bouncing off the wall. For a place where we could freely fail at a backflip without the concrete there to remind us that our bodies are not, in fact, indestructible. We need the world's softest—and because we're in Texas, the world's biggest—inflatable amusement park. And this November we're getting exactly that as we welcome The Big Bounce America into our lucky city of Houston.

From November 8 through 10, and November 15 through 17, there will be three attractions to this inflatable amusement park—The Giant, airSPACE, and of course, The World's Biggest Bounce House. Each ticket gets you a 3-hour session in the bounce house, plus unlimited access to The Giant and airSPACE. At 900 feet long, The Giant is the largest inflatable obstacle course in the entire nation with more than 40 obstacles to conquer!

The airSPACE is just as awesome with its intergalactic-themed slides, moon crater ball pits, and 60-foot tall maze. And as for The World's Biggest Bounce House, well, it's exactly that. There will be climbing towers, giant pandas (whatever that means), basketball hoops, bubbles, and dodgeball competitions.

As it is explicitly stated in the rule's fine print—everyone must behave like an overgrown child. That means throw yourself into a ball pit sea, but keep your sewing needles at home!

Tickets sell by age—$16 for toddlers, $25 for juniors and "big kids," and $30 for adults 16 and up. And no worries, the adult session will be exclusively for adults.

There will be a live DJ there to give you some bops to bounce along to, and food trucks — loads of food trucks! But be careful with all that bouncing, if you know what I mean. You overgrown child, you.

The Big Bounce America

Price: $30 (16+ session)

Address: 2055 Mowery Rd., Houston, TX 77045

Why you need to go: Experience the world's biggest bounce house and the nation's largest inflatable obstacle course with live music and food trucks!


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