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Houston Is Getting Its First Ever Nap Bar This April

The first unique nap bar will be opening on April 1st in Houston.
Houston Is Getting Its First Ever Nap Bar This April

It is a proven fact that humans work much less efficiently when they are tired, and most people aren't getting the right amount of sleep every night. The new Nap Bar opening in Houston on April 1st will be the perfect solution for the hard-working people who need a quick break. After a short visit in one of their customizable sleeping pods, you will be feeling fully refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of your day.

The Nap Bar is the first of its kind in the entirety of Texas. They will offer a completely refreshing and professional wellness experience at their first location in Rice Village. The owner and employees at the Nap Bar are specially trained and knowledgeable in the healthiest routines people need to follow when it comes to getting a good rest and feeling your best.

Though they are named the "Nap Bar", they are far from your typical Houston bar with no overpriced alcohol or loud music. They are simply dedicated to giving their guests the perfect rest and the best health.

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The main service of the Nap Bar is their high end, plush mattresses, always fresh cotton sheets,  supportive pillows and the most comfortable, customizable surroundings for every guest to have the best nap of their lives. Guests can book an XL twin sized to a full-sized mattress for their much needed nap, and every bed is located in its own soundproof sleeping pod or room.

The sleeping center provides their guests with a multitude of sleeping options to make everyone have the best afternoon rest. Every sleepy guest will enjoy complimentary aromatherapy and customized brain wave therapy to ensure they have a good rest.

They will also offer an assortment of a la carte services such as lymphatic massages, IV hydration drips, hot showers, coffee, and fresh juice. 

Though the pricing is still being determined and finalized by the owner, prices are predicted to be $25 for a 20-minute nap and around $179 per person for a Snoozers club membership which would give guests incredible perks and frequent access to the Nap Bar.

Nap Bar also plans to expand their reach and provide mobile sleeping units in downtown Houston later this year to give Houston residents quicker and simpler access to a refreshing daytime siesta.

The Nap Bar opening on April 1st is located inside New Living at 6111 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas 77005.

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