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Houston Is Getting Its Very First In-N-Out Burger This Fall

In-N-Out is set to open their first Houston location this November.

Houston, get ready to join the Whataburger v. In-N-Out debate because the very first In-N-Out Houston location is opening this Fall. According to Eater, the ever popular Califonia burger chain will open its doors in Houston this November. 

The burger joint will be added to a massive renovation of the old Texas Instruments campus in Strafford also known as "The Grid." This is not the first Texas location of the restaurant but their following has grown immensely since debuting in the state in 2011. In-N-Out has multiple locations in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio so it makes sense that their next stop would be Houston.  

Like many burger joints, you'll be able to find cheeseburger, hamburgers, fries and shakes at In-N-Out. They also use a sauce called "Spread" which according to their website has remained unchanged since 1948. The restaurant has gained popularity for making their burger patties themselves at their California location which are then delivered to their locations around the United States. 

Along with In-N-Out, the grid will also be getting a Whiskey Cake, Pluckers Wing Bar and Chipotle, making it a great spot to hang out and get a bite to eat. 

Developments on the property are set to start this June and will open in sections instead of all at once. 

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Prices for the burgers start at $2.10 and work their way up depending on what you'd like to add. 

The Burger joint originated in California in 1948 and the menu has changed very little since then. No one seems to mind though, since everyone loves their incredible burgers, fries and shakes just as they are!

For more information on In-N-Out, you can visit their website here.