Lizzo Was Invited To Dance With The Houston Rockets Dancers & She's All For It

Her Houston roots are showing!
Houston Rockets Want Lizzo To Dance At A Game On Their Court With Clutch City Dancers

Lizzo is a woman of many talents, one of those being dancing. Whether she's on stage performing, in the comfort of her own home, or sitting courtside at a sports game, you can catch her shaking what her mama gave her in true Lizzo style. Now, she's caught the attention of the Houston Rockets, who invited Lizzo to dance with the world-famous Clutch City Dancers on the court any time she feels like it!

Now that's the invitation of a lifetime!

Yesterday, the Houston Rockets official Twitter account reached out to Lizzo with a photo of her at a sports game, as well as some of their Clutch City Dancers. 

The photos and the tweet itself were enough to grab Lizzo's attention almost immediately, as she responded to the tweet just a couple of hours later.

The initial tweet by the Houston Rockets included not just an invite, but an "open invite" for Lizzo to dance with their team of dancers "any time."

Meaning there's absolutely no expiration on the invite, it's totally up to Lizzo when she decides to come out.

You may be shocked that this team, in particular, reached out to Lizzo, but really, it makes sense.

The star considers herself a Houstonite, as she spent a good chunk of her life growing up in H-Town.

Take that, Lakers.

Lizzo's response to the Houston Rockets was sweet, simple and to the point, much like the artist herself.

She enthusiastically accepted the offer by simply saying that she'd be there with "bells on [her] booty."

As if we weren't already excited to see this collab happen, now Lizzo is talking costumes? We're so ready.

The Houston Rockets responded to Lizzo saying to just "let us know when."

I mean, can you imagine going to one of their games and seeing none other than Lizzo on the court?

We can't wait for that performance!

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