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8 Things You Have To Try At The Houston Rodeo 2020

It's Texas Coachella, baby!
Houston Rodeo 2020 Is Full Of Endless Food & Activities

In Texas, we may not have all four seasons as everyone else does, but we do have a massive rodeo season that makes up for it. And really, we'll take that over enduring a snow-plowing' winter any day. With each season getting a little bit sweeter and a little bit more fried, there are loads of fun things you must try this season at the iconic Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo 2020.

As one of the largest, most-traveled-to rodeos in the country, the itinerary can get overwhelming. So here's a breakdown of all the best foods, rides, activities, and shows you can't miss this year. You're welcome.

Try a Unicorn Float

Price: 💸

Address: Candy Factory

Why you need to go: You're gonna need something to wash down all that fried food with. And what better than a neon, unicorn drink with a cloud of cotton candy?!

Relax in the Wine Garden

Price: 💸

Address: Champion Wine Garden

Why you need to go: Enjoy live music and more than 70 wine options next to the stadium.

Pet a Cow. Or Hug a Goat!

Price: Free!

Address: NRG Center

Why you need to go: Cuddle some cute goats and animals in the giant on-site petting zoo. Then browse through to see cattle (and their manure, so watch your step!)

Take in the View on the Ferris Wheel

Price: $10

Address: NRG Park The Junction

Why you need to go: It's the best view of the rodeo without all the walking. You can start with the small Ferris wheel and move on to the big one!

Play Carnival Games

Price: $10-50

Address: NRG Park The Junction

Why you need to go: Fun date idea—Take your date through the Fun House and pretend you're in Stranger Things 3 being chased by evil Russians. Try having more fun than Alexei (before the whole getting-shot thing).

Watch all the Rodeo Events

Price: $20-350 (included in concert ticket)

Address: NRG Arena

Why you need to go: Head on inside to watch the horse show, alpaca show, and many more. Also, check out the bull riding where riders compete for prices up to $2 million. Those get seriously intense.

Catch an Iconic Concert

Price: $20-350

Address: NRG Stadium

Why you need to go: This year you can see stars like Willie Nelson, Chance the Rapper, Chris Young, Marshmello, and, of course, our very own Texan-grown Lizzo!

Try Anything On-A-Stick

Price: 💸

Address: Vendors like Tater Twister and Biggy's II

Why you need to go: You can get pretty much anything on a stick or fried here. Including pizza.

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