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This Colorful Houston Vintage Shop Will Transport You Back To The '90s

As if we needed any more convincing.

In Houston, you can take a blast into the past and step into a fashion-forward vintage shop that’s your one-stop shop for '90s apparel. Leopard Lounge in Houston is located in the center of the city's Montrose neighborhood which houses some of the cities most cutting edge thrift stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

The store may be small, but their selection is unlike anything located in South East Texas. It is essentially a boutique for the young and stylish and has a wide variety of shirts including old school band t-shirts ranging from a funky Destiny’s Child shirt from 1999 to a tie-dyed Grateful Dead shirt that came straight off the tour bus, and if you’re really lucky you can uncover a vintage Simpsons tee. 

Leopard Lounge isn’t exactly focused on pop culture exclusively, their store is sectioned off into band tees, jackets, windbreakers, boots, and if you’re having a YOLO type of day, there’s a premium section with incredibly rare pieces of apparel. The staff is friendly, and attached to the store is the renowned second-hand shop Pavement, which has a much larger selection of clothes. However, it may take longer to rummage through their massive selection, so make sure you come with time on your hands and a full stomach. 

Admittedly the prices at Leopard Lounge can be high for their rarer items, but if you search thoroughly, you are guaranteed to find something to bring home that won’t empty your wallet. If nothing else, the store has a groovy leopard-print wall where many people who aren’t shopping pose for pictures. In fact, the Montrose neighborhood has several walls painted by local artists that are always showing up on Instagram.

Nostalgia and Y2K fashion have never been more popular, this effortlessly cool store is a dream come true for anybody looking to diversify their wardrobe, or just find some creative inspiration. Leopard Lounge is a store we hope never changes its spots.

Leopard Lounge


Address: 1657 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX 77006

Why you need to go: Houston's absolute best place to shop retro fashion, also makes for a great photo opportunity.