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This Texas City Was Ranked The BEST Place In The Entire USA For Millennials To Live

Millennials are flocking to these great Texas cities.
This Texas City Was Ranked The BEST Place In The Entire USA For Millennials To Live

The Millennial generation is considered to include the people born between 1981 and 1996, or 1999 depending on what source you read! This means that everyone from ages 22 to 38 are technically defined as millennials, which is a huge chunk of the working population! This new study conducted by The Langston Co and Centiment shows us which USA cities are the best places to live if you are millennial.

Hitting number one on the list is Texas's very own booming city, Houston. The city was named the top spot for millennials to live based on a variety of factors, from the community culture to the abundance of successful careers along with the weather to commute times, taxes, and resident salaries. With all of these factors and more combined, it is easy to see that Houston is a perfect spot for American millennials to thrive!

The categories that Houston ranked the top spot in were Overall Value, Fair Income Taxes, and cost of Everyday Expenses. They also ranked high in Salary Potential, Diversity, and Ability to Meet New People. Basically everything an aspiring millennial will be looking for in a new place! You'll just have to get used to the traffic since everything is always under construction.

Austin and Dallas also made the top of the list, beating out cities like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Portland. Austin was credited with being the Friendliest place to live along with having the most Amenities for Children, and Dallas was ranked third in Overall Value. Texas clearly stands out as a fantastic place for young adults to start their families and grow in their careers!

You may need to check out the complete list if you are planning on moving somewhere soon! Whether you're looking for your first home to start a family or are fresh out of college and need a change, maybe you can consider heading to these major Texas cities.

You can find the entire list of cities and all of their stats on the Langston Co website here. 

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