Houstonians Are Creeped Out By Joe Biden's Texas Stop By, And It's Hilarious

Joe Biden, former VP and current 2020 democratic presidential candidate, touched down in Houston this week for the first stop on his campaign trail. And he sort of rubbed Houstonians—well, a 10-year-old girl—the wrong way

It all went down at a town hall meeting Tuesday night when Biden was kicking off his presidential campaign. After a 10 year-old-girl asked the candidate a question, Biden said to her "I'll bet you're as bright as you are good looking," and the room erupted in laughter. But the internet did not.

Which wasn't the smartest move by the former VP, especially when he's already often referred to as "Creepy Joe," and people are pretty on edge with the guy—and any guy—when it comes to things that could look predatory.

Biden then asked the young girl what she wanted to be in the future. After she replied "journalism," he laughed at the irony and led her over to the reporters in the back. He leaned down next to her, hands on her shoulders, as he introduced her to the reporters.

Some people were shocked by the appearance of it and let out their frustration the only way they know how—through some ruthless memes and political satire. 

And to think Trump called him a low IQ individual. Could someone with a low IQ really pull that off?

Had to switch out that tea for some of this.

Oklahoma has tornados. Houston has... Joe Biden? We can't stand not being in the spotlight.

Too soon.

Where have you been for the last two years, Mary?

Biden's wife, Jill Biden, appeared on the Daily Show last night to promote her new memoir. She stated that it "took a lot of courage" for the women to come out in the past and voice the way he made them uncomfortable and that "it won't happen again." She did not mention the Tuesday incident.

Better look out, Mr. Trump, Biden is coming for your brand.