Have you ever gotten your coffee through the drive-thru and thought "you know what would make this better? If this was beer instead." Pulling up in your car, rolling down the window, and picking up your favorite craft beer, all from the comfort of your pajama pants, sounds like an ideal situation. In a creative response to social distancing and a way to keep people safe while still able to get their booze fix, a local Houston brewery with a beer drive-thru is doing just that! 

Saint Arnold Brewery has been a Houston staple for many years. With popular favorites like Art Car and Lawnmower plus a rotation of seasonal beers, Saint Arnold is not only Texas' oldest craft brewery, but one of it's most popular ones.

They even have craft rootbeer if that's more your jam!

In an effort to still bring people their favorite beers, but also help minimize the spread of any health concerns, Saint Arnold opened up a beer drive-thru in their Art Car Gallery this past Thursday and Friday. 

It was a hit and they decided to extend it through this week.

Especially now with the Harris County ordinance, many loved Houston restaurants are turning to To-Go and delivery as their main way of still being able to give customers the food they want.

Saint Arnold not only kept but expanded its drive-thru menu and now has food that you can pick up through your car window.

They have a few To-Go combos including pizza and a six-pack for $22, two burgers, hand-cut fries and a six-pack for $33, and a whole chicken plus two sides and a six-pack of beer for $36. 

To place an order, call ahead and when it's ready, you just need to drive on through the brewery and pick up your six-pack and food to take back on home with you.

You can pick up your meal or cases of beer at Saint Arnold's location at 2000 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX. 

Although many places are closed, you can still get classic brewery comfort foods and craft beer from your car!