Nothing screams comfort food more than a warm pastry and hot chocolate. And with most of Texas just seeing snow (although, of course, not Houston), we could definitely use a warm treat or two to get us through these last wintery days of the season! In Houston, there's a churro spot that serves Mexican hot chocolate, creating the deliciously perfect warm combo of treats!

Angels' Churros N Chocolate in Cypress has the most eclectic mix of desserts on their menu, and all of it looks delicious!

They are currently celebrating Valentine's Day the best way possible by rolling out their new heart-shaped churros.

You can get their churros in a range of options, adding a churro as a topping on their hefty scoops of ice cream or get huge one hundred count party packs of churros with thirty-three dipping sauces!

Angels' Churros N Chocolate mainly offers a wide selection of Mexican treats, to include savory ones like elote in a cup, mangonadas, and tamales.

However, their biggest draw is their Mexican desserts! You can get their Mexican hot chocolate in a beautifully painted jarrito (mug) that keeps the chocolate really warm. The drinks are spiced with cinnamon and can come topped with marshmallows!

Their menu also includes different kinds of decadent desserts like mochi and macaroons. All of which sounds satisfying and are hard to choose from.

But if Abuelita's hot chocolate isn't your speed, they also have classic Swiss versions of the drink. Or you can skip the chocolate altogether and grab a horchata, or "The Best Tea of Your Life," in either honeydew or guava flavors.

Treating yourself by cozying up with a good warm drink and a sweet treat sounds like the best way to beat the unpredictable end of winter here in Texas!

Angels' Churros N Chocolate

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine 

Address: 7160 Barker Cypress Rd., Cypress, TX

Why You Need To Go: To get some cute heart-shaped churros and an Abuelita's chocolate to wash it down with!