You Can Ride Bumper Cars On Ice In Houston This Winter & We Are Beyond Excited (VIDEO)

Houston is getting so much cooler!
Houston's Bumper Cars On Ice And Winter Bar Is Coming This March

Houston is famous for its wild humidity and tropical weather, making it a very uncommon spot to find snowy winter activities. A new way to cool down in the Texas heat is on it's way to Houston at the end of winter and we are already busting out our snow coats. Bumper Cars on Ice is coming to Houston this March along with a winter wonderland themed bar.

The Bumper Cars On Ice tour is an exciting and unique experience that is gracing Houston with its presence on its world tour that also includes stops such as Toronto, Orlando, and Sydney. The experience is affordable, fun, and super icy to keep us in a winter mood even after the weather starts to heat up again. Grab your friends and your cutest gloves and scarves to enjoy a day of winter fun.

"Bumper cars on ice" is exactly what it sounds like, ice formatted cars made for bumping that are driven around on a giant ice rink. Friends can go head-to-head to bump each other while they skid and spin around the rink in a winter blitz! 

The massive, donut-shaped cars fit one person and are easily drive-able with extra props floating around. For $30, you'll get to experience the 12-minute bumper car on ice ride, with an additional entry into their exciting "winter wonderland themed bar." The bar will be complete with delicious winter-themed cocktails and their mulled wine.

Tickets will go on sale once March 2020 comes closer. A representative for the event has informed Narcity that information about the location of the experience, plus more details, will be released to us at a later date, so stay tuned for more info.

Houston is finally going to see some heavy ice and we absolutely cannot wait!

Bumper Cars On Ice

Price: $30

When: March 2020 

Address: TBA

Why You Need To Go: There's no better way to get a winter chill than on some icy bumper cars! You also have to check out their winter wonderland bar.