Think back to when you were a kid: the books of Dr. Seuss were what dreams were made of and they would take us away to many magical places. Well, now you can step right into a collection of his famous books at the traveling Dr. Suess exhibit coming to Houston, complete with an eye-popping balloon maze. The event goes on tour beginning in October, but the buzz for what will be unveiled is real. 

The 15,000 square foot exhibit begins its journey in Toronto and then will begin a tour across North America, including Houston, Boston, and Seattle a few months later. If you're in one of these cities count yourself lucky, but given what we have seen of this exhibit so far, it will be well worth the road trip if you live far away. Just open a page from one of his books and it's popping with imaginative color!

The star attraction of the exhibit will be centered around "Oh The Places You'll Go," which was Dr. Seuss' book that encouraged kids to explore. Now I guess we know why so many people are going on Instagrammable adventures every day.

The exhibit will feature instillations from other books including "The Lorax," which will showcase a forest of truffala trees, "If I Ran The Circus" which will have an actual working carousel, and "Horton Hears A Who!" which will feature waist-high pink clovers. In addition to that, "The Cat In The Hat," will be on display as well, but details on that haven't been revealed yet. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting traveling exhibit! 

Don't get too comfortable just yet, because the exhibits are most likely going to change in each city. It's even rumored that there will be "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" room on display during the holiday season.

This event has been in the making for more than two years now, and it may seem like a random bit of luck that Dr. Seuss' world is coming to life in Houston, but we actually have one of the most respected art scenes in the world. It hasn't been reported on where the art installation will be set up, but if you click here you can be updated now! We can all take Dr. Seuss' advice and begin to explore what he created. 

Dr. Seuss Exhibit

Price: TBA

Address: TBA

Why You Need To Go: Take a step out of reality and experience something dreamlike from one of our most beloved authors! Also, make sure you are IG ready.