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Houston's First-Ever Coffee Festival This Fall Will Have The Coolest Latte Art

The best way to help fuel your coffee-addiction.
Houston's First Ever Coffee Fest Is Happening This May

*The Houston Coffee Festival has been postponed to Saturday, October 24.

Spending the weekend hanging out with your friends and grabbing some good food and drinks is easily one of the best ways to spend a day. But let's face it, it can get tiring being away from home for a whole day or weekend, especially once we're out of our teens. Caffeine is a must before, during, and after a long day out and Houston's first-ever coffee festival is the perfect combo to keep your energy levels up while having a fun day out!

Silver Street Studios at Sawyer Yards is putting on the first annual Houston Coffee Festival. It has all the makings of a really great fest with lots of vendors, plenty of samples from Houston's best coffee shops, and even a latte-art throwdown!

Some of Houston's top local coffee shops including Boomtown, SpindleTap, Barbarossa, and tons more will be at Sawyer Yards brewing up some of their best roasts.

General Admission tickets are a steal at only $5. However, if you want tasting wristbands, those are $20 before the event and $25 the day of and include GA in the price.

*The fest is happening the morning of October 24 which means you can just roll out of bed and head straight to the fest for one (or five) cups of the must-have morning pick-me-up.

Boozy fests are fun, but the next morning is a drag. Food fests are always incredible but stuffing your face in yummy foods can make it nap time as soon as you get home.

A coffee fest however, will leave you energized and ready to take on the weekend. At least until you need your next caffeine fix! 

Houston Coffee Festival

Price: $5+

When: *Saturday, October 24, 2020

Address: 2000 Edwards St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: This unique fest is themed all things everyone's favorite drink and even has a latte art competition.

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