Houstonians have been waiting a long, long, long time for In-N-Out to grace their city. So when news broke that Houston was finally going to open a few In-N-Out locations, well, you could say they pretty much lost it. Since last month the lines to get In-N-Out in Houston have been insane, and thanks to how long it's taken for the city to get at least one, we don't see them dying down any time soon. 

The photos below speak for themselves, and wow, people really do love their In-N-Out.

As Texans, you'll typically spot us at Whataburger at least twice a week, but after it left the great state of Texas to be sold to Chicago, are tastebuds are ready for a new late-night snack.

In-N-Out is notorious for being 24/7, and the new locations in Houston are no different.

While we might have literally all day to wait on our food, no one wants to do that, though it seems like we might have to with these lines!

Both the Katy and Willowbrook locations opened just a few weeks ago, which might be why the lines still take over half an hour to over an hour to get through.

These photos are from the Katy location, and word on the street is that Willowbrook looks the exact same!

Police were present at lunch and dinner times to make sure no traffic spilled out into the traffic-filled streets. Cones were lined up half a mile down the road to keep the insane lines in check.

It will definitely take time before the hype of a new location of a famous fast food joint begins to fizzle out. But let's be honest, we all know we'd wait in any line for some In-N-Out.

Houston was planned to get one more In-N-Out location, but the opening date for the final location was not on the same date as the other two locations.

It'll be nice to have another new kid on the block and might help with the lines at these other two spots.

While you're in line or sitting at home debating on putting yourself through the wait, be sure to check out these nine secret In-N-Out menu items.

You'll have the time, after all!

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