Girl Scout season is back and that means buying $60 worth of cookies - it is for a good cause - and eating a whole box of Thin Mints in one sitting is back. Indulging on a couple of sleeves of cookies while drinking some wine is a classic way to spend an evening come this time of year. A wine and Girl Scout cookies pairing in Houston is coming to a local wine bar this weekend to fulfill your cravings of the heavenly cookies and the boozy beverage.

This Sunday, March 8, We Olive & Wine Bar in Houston is hosting the best pairing we've ever heard of, a Girl Scout Cookies and wine pairing! 

The wine bar is in the foodie paradise, the Heights, and is usually known for its high-quality olive oil and wine. They're changing it up this month and celebrating the best cookies while they're in season.

Five of the best cookies (although all Girl Scout cookies are amazing) will be paired with five different artisan wines from We Olive. They haven't announced which cookies they will be pairing yet, but they honestly can't go wrong with any choice. 

The pairing will go from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and We Olive says you're welcome to arrive at any time in between.

Tickets are $25 and come with wine and cookie pairings, an olive oil tasting, and 15% off any retail purchase so you can take home a new bottle of wine or olive oil for cheap!

The event has open and casual seating but if you want to reserve a table to make sure you have your own space to devour the sweet treats, you can make a reservation on their Open Table page.

Texans go crazy for the cookie season and this pairing is a classier version of buying boxes of cookies and pigging out on the couch late at night with a glass of rosé!

Girl Scout Cookies & Wine Pairing At We Olive

Price: $25

When: Sunday, March 8, 2020

Address: 249 West 19th St., Houston, TX 

Why You Need To Go: To feel classy while chowing down on Girl Scouts cookies and wine!