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Houston's Graffiti Building Is A Tribute To Texas Legends

It might not seem like it but Houston is a great home for all things artistic, after all, one of the biggest arts districts in the country is here. There are all kinds of art, and graffiti is one of the major scenes with murals being spotted all over town. One of the coolest places to see graffiti art in Houston isn't even in the arts district, it's an old building that's completely covered in the wildest colorful murals.  

This Graffiti Building is the perfect embodiment of all things Houston. It's covered from top to bottom in murals that pay tribute to all things H-town including NASA, the Astros, and even a huge mural of Texas legend, Selena!

If you're in town visiting Houston, this building is the perfect place to really get to know the city. If you're from Houston and have never visited, it's definitely a must-do.

The artwork is amazing and provides the perfect backdrop for photoshoots that'll help Houstonify your Insta feed!

People have visited the park to use as a unique background for everything from car pictures to engagement photos.

The Grafitti Building is located near downtown Houston and is just a couple of blocks away from 8th Wonder Brewery so after checking out some great artwork by local artists, you can grab a few Houston brews.

While this is an awesome location to soak in the Houston vibes and take great pics, there are tons of places in town where you can snap some pics and these 37 Houston locations are all great visits as well

Houston is beautiful and full of rich culture, making a spot that everyone is proud to call their hometown, including multiple Houston celebrities!

Houston Grafitti Building

Price: Free

Address: 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX  

Why you need to go: It's basically a free interactive art show by some amazing local artists!


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