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You Can Eat An Actual Hot Cheeto Croissant At This Houston Bakery

The pastry you never knew you needed.
There Are Hot Cheeto Croissants At This New Houston Bakery

There are plenty of different kinds of chips out there and everyone has their own preference, but no one can dispute that Flamin' Hot Cheetos are one of the most popular kinds, especially in Texas where we love hot food! That's why it's no surprise that the most unique take on Hot Cheetos is in a new bakery in Houston where they have a croissant made with the spicy snack.

Koffeteria bakery in Downtown Houston is a bakery owned by Top Chef and Chopped competitor, Vanarin Kuch. The spot is a really cool and modern bakery with many interesting pastry creations.

They have a lot of savory options like Beef Pho Kolaches, Crawfish Étouffée Kolaches, and different kinds of quiches.

Koffeteria's menu also has a ton of sweet options like Pistachio Baklava Croissants, Monster Cookies, and fresh Cinnamon Rolls. 

But by far the most unique thing on the menu is their Hot Cheeto Croissant. It's a classic huge croissant coated in hot Cheeto crumbs and loaded with gooey nacho cheese inside!

They have coffee and lattes so you can get something caffeinated to wash down all the yummy pastries. Koffeteria also has ice cream in classic flavors and sorbets in unique flavors like Sangria and White Peach Ginger Beer.

Koffeteria bakery is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Texans really love their Hot Cheetos and different Cheeto creations, but this pastry is definitely one of the most unique recipes around!

If you want to see what new pastries Koffeteria has, you should check out their Instagram to see what yummy recipes they're selling that day.

Some of their off-menu creations have been flan tarts, snickerdoodle concha, and Neapolitan brownies, all in the same deliciously huge portions as the Hot Cheeto croissants.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Upscale bakery

Address: 1110 Hutchins St., Suite 102, Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: It's the only place you can go for Hot Cheeto Croissants and they're a must-try!

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