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You Can Order An Insanely Large Pizza At This Tasty Houston Hot Spot

New York pizza meets Texas sizes.
Insanely Large Pizza Is Sold At This Delicious Houston Restaurant

Almost everyone can agree that pizza is super delicious and that there's no such thing as eating too much of it. This is why there's nothing worse than reaching for another slice only to realize your pizza is all gone. Luckily, there's a Houston spot that serves up pizzas so massive it's almost impossible to run out!

The Original Fuzzy's Pizza is serving up a massive 28 inch "Big Texan" pizza. It's literally as big as a table and easily customizable with whatever toppings you want.

They have over twenty different options you can choose from when making your dream 'za. You can even split it into two or four different types of pizzas.

After you pick from the plenty of flavor options, you can choose between the New York-style "Big Texan" or a Chicago pizza, if huge deep-dishes are more your style.

Houstonians love pizza and massive foods so it's no surprise that while Fuzzy's has been around for decades, they're not the only place serving up massive slices and there's another local pizza shop that's serving up gigantic pizzas. 

It's not only insanely huge but very delectable and they're highly rated as one of the Top 100 Independent Pizza Shops by Pizza Today.

Fuzzy's has been a Houston staple since the 1980s and for good reason, because they always use high-quality ingredients and make everything fresh.

Their methods make their food way better than any takeout pizza you can get. 

Fuzzy's combines the best by bringing Texas sizes to New York and Chicago style pizzas. These massive pizzas start at $66 and come out at around $5 a slice which is a steal because let's be honest, it's pretty hard to eat more than one.

These huge pizzas are perfect for getting a group of friends together to try to tackle the cheesy beast. But if you don't want to share, they sell pizza by the massive slice!

After finishing (or attempting to finish) one of these bad boys, you can keep the oversized foods vibes going by stopping by Houston's home to the most massive drinks to help wash down all the delicious carbs.

The Original Fuzzy's Pizza

Price: 💸💸

Address: 823 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX

Why you need to go: To tackle their massive "Big Texan" pizza and enjoy some of the freshest pizzas in Houston!


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