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Lizzo's Tiny Bag From The AMA's Already Has It's Own Twitter & She Totally Lost It

You don't need to hold much when you already have it all!

Last night's American Music Awards was filled with epic performances, heartwarming speeches, and stunning, designer outfits from all of our favorite celebrities. To no one's surprise, Houston star Lizzo's AMA's outfit was one of the most talked about, but, it wasn't because of her gorgeous dress. Lizzo was strutting around one of the tiniest bags we've ever seen, and it was such a hit that an entire Twitter account was created for it. 

That's right, "Lizzo's Tiny Bag" exists as a Twitter account, and it's already gained over a thousand followers.

The artist slayed with her tiny bag at the red carpet last night, and after being nominated for eight AMA's awards including Album Of The Year, Best New Artist and Song Of The Year we expected nothing less. 

Lizzo may not have taken home any awards, but she did leave us with an outfit to talk about until she returns in style at the next popular award show. 

The Lizzo's Tiny Bag Twitter account got responses from Lizzo herself, as well as Frankie Muniz, who has already tried to get Lizzo's attention once or twice. Tee-hee.

Whoever made the account has decided to devote it to figure out what exactly the artist could have fit inside of it. Which, is not much!

While it's obvious that not much could fit inside of the purse, it's still pretty hilarious to see what people have come up with as possible answers.

Even Lizzo had a few good laughs over her purse on the red carpet.

She revealed that tampons, a flask of vodka and condoms fit inside with no problem!

When you're as big of a star as Lizzo, you don't need to carry very much with you at an awards show. 

Plus, with there only being three tiny Valentino bags in the world like the one she had with her last night, it's truly an honor that she was chosen to show it off!

We'll see you at the next awards show Lizzo, and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us then!