Houston has a lot of things to be proud of. In the celebrity scene, there is no doubt that anyone from H-Town is proud to say they can claim both Houston artists Beyoncé and Lizzo. One of the most endearing parts of the Texan duo is that these women actively support each other so much.

Lizzo has been touring, visiting, and interviewing all over the world, but she still always finds time to have some Beyoncé themed fun. Yesterday she took to Instagram to prove that Queen B is in her heart no matter where she goes.

In her IG story, Lizzo was seen watching a powerful performance by Beyonce on her cell phone.

She seemed so in love with the performance that she tried to replicate Beyonce's stunning vocal range, as well as make her companion also try singing the complex string of notes. She attempted the recreation multiple times in order to get it right.

As we all know, Beyonce is even more amazing in live performances so it wouldn't be a surprise if Lizzo was taking some notes of inspiration from her.

In the past, we've seen Beyonce stop by and watch Lizzo perform in the Made In America Festival. The two stars have been fans of each other for a while, and we are all here for it.

Lizzo was very expressive in her recreation of Beyoncé's iconic live-performance song. Her adaptation of the song was definitely impressive. You can try to catch her version of the song on her story here.

We're sure Lizzo will keep us updated on her progress mastering Beyonce's performance. Both of these are the perfect example of Houston pride and the best of celeb friendship goals.

For now, you can read up on how Lizzo and Niall Horan have been flirting on and off social media. Lizzo might be staying busy traveling all over the world but she certainly has all the support from us Texans.