Houston Is Having A Massive Margarita Festival Next Month With Over 18 Types Of Margs

I'll take all 18, please.
Houston's Massive Margarita Festival Is Next Month

Just because summer is over does not mean margarita season is. Texas understands this better than anyone and is blessing the city of Houston with a massive margarita festival next month. You may or may not live in the city, but you and your tastebuds will have every reason to come out to HTX come November.

On Saturday, November 23, the Houston Margarita Festival is back for the eighth time and better than ever. There's no arguing that it's Houston's most popular fest, especially with over 18 different marg flavors and incredible food to go with each frozen beverage you indulge in. From 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., you'll be able to enjoy as much of each as you can handle, and maybe even run into a Houston Texans player while you're at it. 

Tickets for the fest range from $7 to $100 and will come with free food and drink depending on which package you buy. You might even get some free merch to use during and after the fest. Tickets are selling fast and some packages have sold out, so we recommend buying early!

Not only will margaritas be getting served left and right at the fest, but live music will be blasting all day long. It's like a party on a massive lawn, with endless opportunities to make friends and amazing memories with the ones you bring. 

If you're as impatient as I am, then November feels a long way away. Especially when margaritas are involved! This weekend Houston is hosting a gumbo festival, and while you may not be able to get your hands on a tasty marg while you're there, there's always downtown! Until November 23, that's probably exactly where we'll be. 

Houston Margarita Festival #8

Price: $7 - $100

When: Saturday, November 23

Address: 105 Sabine St, Houston, Texas 77007

Why You Need To Go: You can never go wrong spending the day with your friends sipping on margs and absolutely no kids around.