There are those stereotypical jobs most little kids say they want to be when they grow up, like ballerina, superstar, and astronaut. Even though most of us have probably had dreams of going to space at one point or another, we figured it was a childhood dream that would never come true. But it most definitely is possible (if you fit all of the requirements) because Houston's NASA is hiring potential astronauts this month!

The Johnson Space Center in Houston is hiring for the position of Astronaut Candidate right now and the job opening is valid through the end of March.

They are looking to hire more Artemis Generation astronauts. According to NASA's website, the Artemis Program is a lunar exploration program that includes sending the first woman and to the moon.

The salary range for being a potential astronaut is great, starting at $104,898 and goes up to $161,141 which is amazing pay to have your literal childhood dream come true.  

We're not going to lie, the requirements to be an astronaut are pretty tough. They're highly selective with who gets to go to space. Which makes sense because literally leaving the planet is no easy task.

Some of the many requirements listed in the job posting include having trained extensively in the STEM field beyond a Bachelor's degree.

You must also be highly qualified in one of their five subdisciplines which are listed on the job posting and are, Pilot, Flight Test, Biological and Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering and Operations.

They also have extensive evaluations throughout the hiring process which include assessments, interviews, role-play and more that you must pass.

If hired, you'd spend two years in Houston training to go to space. Once you successfully finish training, you'll join the active astronaut corps and be eligible for spaceflight assignments.

If your dream is still to go to space (how could it not?) you could potentially do so through NASA's open astronaut position!

If you're interested, be sure to apply ASAP since the deadline is coming up soon. You can find the job listing here.