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Houston Is Having Its First Ever Heavenly Pan Dulce Pop-Up This Weekend

Conchas, empanadas, marranitos and more!
Houston's Pan Dulce Celebration Is This Weekend

Houston has the ability to steal your heart for more than just one reason. The music, inclusivity, and of course, food, are just some of the many reasons Houstinites stick around for years and years to come. This weekend Houston is hosting a pan dulce event all about celebrating the popular treat and its impact on the world (and our tastebuds) and it is going to be sweet.

Sweet like Pan Dulce PopUp is popping up in Houston this Saturday, October 12 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thanks to The Union HTX, Miradela, and so many more wonderful organizations and vendors, this event is going to be memorable for absolutely everyone who attends. Food, drinks, music, shopping, and so much more will be available for you to consume and enjoy. Did we mention it's free?

That's right, entrance into the event is completely free, though you are able to purchase a drink pass for $10. The pass will get you three drinks and count as a beneficiary donation. You have to be 21+ to drink, of course.

Conchas, empanadas, marranitos, and cuernitos will all be available to purchase, and our bets are on each being so big you won't be able to finish one by yourself! Well, if you're hungry enough, you definitely might. The event is both in and outdoors so we recommend coming hungry and dressed for the occasion.

Whatever weekend plans you had before finding out about this, cancel them. A day filled with sweets, recognition for other cultures, and endless drinks is one for the books, your books! We can't wait to see you there.

Sweet like Pan Dulce PopUp

Price: Free - $10

When: Saturday, October 12

Address: 2315 Union Street, Houston, Texas 77007

Why You Need To Go: This event is everything you didn't know you needed, pan dulce is the queen of all desserts after all. 

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