Houston Extends 'Stay Home, Work Safe' Order Through At Least June 10

Stay safe, Houstonians.
Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Extended "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Order

In a news conference today, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo discussed her decision made yesterday to extend the "stay home, work safe" order for Houston and surrounding county areas, which was first issued in March.

The order will now carry on through at least June 10. Hidalgo assured Houstonians that the restrictions on them match those placed on Texans across the state by Governor Greg Abbott.

Hidalgo held a news conference today discussing her decision and the importance of personal responsibility.

“Perhaps now you can go to the club. Will I be going to the club?” Hidalgo asked herself, and her audience. "No. It’s not responsible,” she answered.

She announced that Harris County, including the city of Houston, had passed the threshold of 200 deaths due to COVID-19 as of today.

Hidalgo laid out suggested rules for essential workers to follow when at work, as well as others such as senior citizens picking up groceries.

Hidalgo stated, "[It's] not enough to call essential workers our heroes, we have to create an environment in which they're safe."

The order includes two sets of guidelines. One is for workers in public-facing businesses. The other is for workers in the manufacturing industry. It states public-facing workers should take a break once an hour to wash their hands. Manufacturing workers should be given a 15-minute break every four hours to wash their hands.

Employers who punish workers for wearing masks or trying to protect their safety will be “on notice.”

"They're in harmony with state and federal guidelines," said Hidalgo.

The official Harris County Judge Twitter account tweeted yesterday, "NEW: Harris County is reporting 90 new #COVID19 cases and 1 new fatality in Harris County, outside of the City of Houston. Stay up to date at http://ReadyHarris.org."

This report came the same day the judge made the decision to extend the "stay home, work safe" order.

Hidalgo took to Twitter on Tuesday, the day before her decision, with an important message.

"This is no time to tempt fate," she said. "As folks settle into a new normal, please remember we don't have a cure, and people are still getting sick."

"Keep yourself and your family safe by social distancing as best as you can and avoiding unnecessary contacts."

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