If there's one place Houstonians love to road trip to, it's the great state of Louisiana. With the big city located only a short drive from the border, spring break and summer trips to New Orleans are incredibly common. Heading over to NOLA for some deep-fried dishes, beignets, and oysters is always a good time, but now you don't have to leave Texas to get a little taste of the French Quarter. This famous New Orleans restaurant is opening in Houston sometime in the future, and you can dig in on some of Louisiana's most iconic cooking.Acme Oyster House is an iconic staple in the French Quarter and is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.The Cajun restaurant serves a long menu of Cajun and Creole staples to include gumbo, red beans and rice, po'boys, and their famous oysters, which are shucked to order with the option of them being served raw, char-grilled, or in an unforgettable booze-filled oyster shooter.The restaurant has opened a few locations throughout its fame, and it now has various locations across Louisiana along with out-of-state joints in Florida and Alabama, and now, the Lone Star State.

The New Orleans location in the French Quarter may always be the #1 tourist-loving spot, though.

Right now, the chain is offering a mouth-watering to-go menu that is packed with their fan-favorite dishes such as po'boys, fried fish, gumbo, chicken wings, grilled oysters, and jambalaya.Acme Oyster House first opened all the way back in 1910 on Royal Street in the French Quarter under the name Acme Cafe.

Fourteen years later, a fire destroyed the building, and it was transformed into the Acme Oyster House it is today at 724 Iberville St. (also in the French Quarter).The restaurant is a tourist favorite since the food is so tasty and the prices stay under or around $20 for their best dishes. You can fill up on the best Creole and Cajun food at this joint once it opens its new spot in Houston!

Acme Oyster House

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Cajun & Creole

Address: Not Confirmed Yet

Why You Need To Go: To get a big bite of what New Orleans has to offer, all from the city of Houston!