A Magical Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Houston This Fall

At last we see the lights...
A Magical Water Lantern Festival Is Coming To Houston This Fall

As much as we can dream, there are only a few Disney moments we actually have the likelihood of experiencing. Flying over London in a golden ship straight on 'till morning? Off the table for a least another few decades. A giant ice castle amid a snowy wonderland? We're just hoping for snow at all. But luckily, this fall, we have a chance to a part of one of the most magical events that seems to be straight out of Tangled—the Water Lantern Festival in Houston on October 19.

A ticket into the event will get you access to the festival area, a floating lantern (that you get to decorate!), a commemorative drawstring bag (because you won't get your lantern back as a souvenir after you release it), and hey, they'll even throw in a marker for you too.

The festivities begin at 4 pm in Magnolia Garden Park with food trucks and music. At 7:30, everyone will design their lanterns with cheesy little quotes, thoughts they want to symbolically release, or with a list of things they're grateful for. The anticipated launch will happen from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Until July 17 at midnight, the ticket prices are $25, and after that, they go up to $30. From there, it pretty much depends on how much of a procrastinator you are. After October 10, tickets are $35... and then well, you get the point.

And if you're bringing your Flynn Ryder to the fun, you can get 10% with the date night special!

Ticket prices also cover the cost of cleaning up all the lanterns and other trash. You don't need to worry about any pollution being left behind!

Don't you wonder what's it's like, out there where they glow?

There's still enough time to grow your hair out for this event and find a pet Chameleon to truly experience this event the right way. 

Water Lantern Festival Houston

Price: $25 (until July 17)

Address:12044 Beach St., Houston, TX 77044

Why you need to go: On October 19, you can release a self-decorated, lit-up water lantern onto a lake as you attempt to sing "I See The Light."


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