Whether it fosters accountability or a competitive spirit among your friends, Howl At The Moon Houston just took your night out to a whole new level with their 86 oz buckets of delicious boozey goodness.

There's no cover charged to get into this club, and it has more to get excited over than just the booze. At one of the hottest spots in Midtown, you can find live music, dancing, and Gotham Pizza.

But as for their famous buckets, here are some of the options they offer in three different sizes: the bucket, the 24 oz bone drink, or the 12 oz signature drink (some of y'all should probably just stick with that.)

  • Adios Mofo
  • Big Island Iced Tea (Staff Favorite)
  • Hurricane
  • Pink Paradise (a portion of these proceeds go toward the Open Arms Foundation)
  • Purple Haze
  • The O-Face

But if you're sober or given the title of designated driver, that doesn't mean you can't join the fun because you can get a virgin version! 

The buckets usually sell for about $30-35 to split between you and your friends. But there's no need to drop that kind of cash. This Groupon gets you 40% your bucket drink and you can find it here.

And after a drink that big, you're gonna want to show off your amasingly subpar dance moves. The venue's live shows are every night, and they're promised to always be high energy. Shows kick off at 7:30.

They even have special event nights like their "Red, White and, Brew" party on Wednesday, July 3rd.

They're open Thursday through Saturday from 7 pm to 2 am. Each day offers a special or a chance to win a happy hour party. But Thursday? Thursday is dollar beer night.

They're open for events on all the other days of the week so you can rent out the space for a bachelorette, holiday, birthday, or even a corporate party.

Even if you're just coming with a group for a normal night out, they still recommend you reserve a table ahead of time.

One thing is for sure—these drinks will definitely get you howling by the end of the night.

Howl At The Moon Houston

Price: No cover. You can get 40% off a large drink with this Groupon.

Address: 612 Hadley St. Houston, TX 77002

Why you need to go: Huge bucket drinks for sharing and a night of dancing, for cheap.