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9 Secret In-N-Out Menu Items To Eat At Houston's Grand Opening Next Month

The secret menu items you need to try.
In-N-Out Houston's Secret Menu Items That You Need To Try Next Month

In-N-Out will always have the haters who whine about the fast-food joint being "overrated" and "not as good as Whataburger". But the chain will also always have the true fans who get excited to chow down on a double-double burger and a basket of fries (extra crispy, please) on the occasional cheat day. With the very first locations coming to the big city this fall, fans of the chain need to try out every secret menu item at the new Houston In-N-Outs.

Though the items aren't specifically listed on the menu, you can order them at the drive-thru or in the restaurant to taste something not everyone knows to order. Your taste buds are about to start watering! 

Animal Style Fries

Why you need it: This popular dish isn't so secret anymore. Though it's not on the menu, most fans of In-N-Out know to order their fries "animal style" for the tastiest french fries around. This menu item tops a basket of fries with American cheese, melty caramelized onions and their signature fry sauce.

Protein Style Burger

Why you need it: Want to indulge in some fast food but are nervous about the calories? Getting your burger "protein style" gets rid of the high-calorie buns and replaces them with a lettuce wrap. This is truly one of the best ways to enjoy an In-N-Out burger (mostly) guilt-free.

Neapolitan Shake

Why you need it: Sometimes you just want all three flavors of milkshakes at once and this is the way you can get it. Neapolitan Shakes mix all three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, into one tasty creation. You can also order shakes in Large and X-Large sizes that are off the menu!

Grilled Cheese

Why you need it: Vegetarian or just not a big fan of meaty patties? Order a grilled cheese! These sandwiches have everything a normal burger has...but add extra cheese and remove the burger. We promise it tastes better than it may sound.

Well Done Fries

Why you need it: Who doesn't love crispy fries? For an extra, salty crunch, you can ask for your fries well done and they'll cook them extra long. It's also a guaranteed way to make sure your fries are served straight out of the fryer.

Veggie/Wish Burger

Why you need it: This is basically just a salad you can hold in your hands. The "burger" comes with no meat or cheese at all and is subbed with extra grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce. The best way to enjoy an In-N-Out burger if you're on a no-meat diet.

The Flying Dutchman

Why you need it: The exact opposite of the Veggie Burger listed above. Remove the veggies, sauce, and buns, and you are left with the Flying Dutchman: two burger patties with cheese in the middle. Tip: ask for pickles!

4 x 4:

Why you need it: This insane burger puts together four beef patties, four slices of cheese, the typical veggies and sauce on a set of buns. You can also play it a little safer and get the 3x3 for only three patties and three slices of cheese.

Scooby Snack

Why you need it: Bring your pup along with you and order them a Scooby Snack! It's just a single beef patty that your doggie will absolutely thank you for.

Get Ready Houston because the wildly delicious fast-food chain is coming to a corner near you starting next month. It's time to find your closest In-N-Out and order everything on (and off) the menu!

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