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James Harden And Russell Westbrook Are Taking Their Bromance Across The Country

Just two sports stars hanging out, all the time.

We all know that James Harden and Russell Westbrook have a long standing history as best buds dating back to their days in Oklahoma City. Those days are long gone (because they're super famous now) and their bromance has been in full-effect all summer long since teaming up for Houston.

Last month they were partying it up in H-Town for Harden's birthday bash, even going as far as dancing on stage in front of thousands of people together. As of recent, they've been spotted doing UFC style workouts in Los Angeles. So we guess they've become travel buds too.

These guys seem to be on a roll getting their mind right for the season, by trying out-of-the-box activities that keep them fit while having fun. Just take a look at these intense (mostly for us) workouts.

Those who workout together, have to unwind together. They then made a quick trip to Vegas to an intimate Drake show. Most certainly they were vibing in the most bromantic way.

This is definitely friendship goals and to Westbrook and Harden it's just another day and night on the town with your squad. So, that leaves us wondering where their next flight is out to.

With the start of the season just around corner, the bromance may take a dive as the grind of nightly games take over. Even though Westbrook and Harden usually have their game face on, on the court, we'll be on the lookout for when the duo decides to let loose again. Perhaps they'll travel across the ocean this time and party in Ibiza or something!

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