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Kanye West Spoke With Joel Osteen In Houston & It Was Interesting

Under any other circumstances, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West in H-town would be exciting — but not that surprising — news. But Kanye West's conversation with Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston is something we definitely didn't see coming. But turns out, it was pretty inspiring.

Both and Kanye and Kim attended the 11 a.m. service at Lakewood Church. Osteen had a live conversation with the rapper in the packed 16,800-seat auditorium.

He talked about going to church three times a week in Chicago, and how his faith was revived while sitting in a hospital room.

Kanye addressed his long-time arrogant reputation by making a tongue-in-cheek remark.

“The greatest artist God has ever created is now working for him,” he said in classic Kanye attitude. What else can we expect from Kanye?

He also made a point to defend the preacher.

“Theres a lot of people in the Christian community that try to give Joel a hard time," he said. "Because when you turn on the radio, he keeps showing you how good God is."

The audience seemed to like that one. So did Osteen, as he responded, “When you got Kanye defending you, you’ve made it, man.”

Kanye ended with a prayer, and Osteen thanked him and his wife, Kim Kardashian, for being there. But Kanye quickly corrected Osteen for forgetting the "West" in her last name. Respect.

He's now headed to celebrate a family birthday with some ice skating and go-karting.

And he has already hit up the Galleria this weekend and performed to inmates in the Harris County jail.

Kanye is scheduled to perform his "Jesus Is King" album with his massive choir tonight at 7 p.m. 

It's free to the public, but that didn't stop others from making some cash. Event-goers still had to reserve a ticket to secure a spot in the 16,800-seat auditorium.

The service sold out in less than 12 minutes on Ticketmaster, but some tickets began to quickly pop up on Craigslist and Twitter with a $50-250 price tag.

However, Osteen warned that those tickets may be invalidated.

Well, now it's time to hit up every single go-kart spot in town to find the Kimye fam, and avoid that downtown concert traffic at all costs. 

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