Celebrating the New Year was a big deal this time around, because not only is 2020 simply a new year, it's also the start of a new decade. With this in mind, our favorite Bop Star, Lizzo, took time to reflect on how much has changed since the beginning of the last decade. And you'll see just how much with the throwback photo Lizzo shared on Instagram.

Lizzo went through a lot of trial and error to become the star she is today, and it wasn't always easy. 

In fact, oftentimes the star felt as though she may not make it to the next day, but by channeling all of her power within, she never failed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We're grateful for this, and for the impact Lizzo has had on women around the world going through similar points in their lives!

Lizzo took to Instagram and Twitter to share with her fans the ultimate Transformation Tuesday, where she was in 2009 compared to 2019.

She's almost unrecognizable in 2009. In her post, Lizzo explained that, in 2009, she went through some heartbreaking rough patches.

It was the year her dad died, the year she slept in her car in Houston, and the moment she almost gave up on herself.

The entire mood of the caption changes when she shares that 2019 was the year her album and song went to No. 1, and the one where she told her mom she could buy her a house.

Both of these milestones are huge, and the difference between the two points in her life is enough to get anyone emotional, but also motivated to keep going on!

One fan responded on Twitter by telling her "this is so inspiring," and we couldn't agree more.

Every day, Lizzo is a walking example that anything is possible, which is a huge reason why she has such a massive fanbase. 

2020 may be the year of Lizzo breaking even more records, reaching more milestones, and hey, maybe buying more houses for her loved ones. 

You can bet we will give you a tour if she gets herself a crib in H-Town.

Whatever 2020 holds for Lizzo, we're sure it'll be good.

Let's hope we get a new album to jam out to in our cars, bedrooms, or even showers.

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