Louis Tomlinson Is Coming Back To Texas For The First Time Since One Direction

He better sing Little Things.
Louis Tomlinson Is Coming Back To Texas For The First Time Since One Direction

Mega fans of the iconic British-Irish boyband One Direction have been in a 1D drought ever since the band announced they would be going on a "hiatus" back in 2016. While they had promised to one day reunite again, they all have pursued a solo career in the meantime. After getting tours and shows from Harry, Niall, and Zayn, we have had a major lack of global love from our one and only Louis Tomlinson, who will be touring 2020 and will head to Texas, USA. 

We have been waiting for this moment for far too long. Directioners everywhere have begun to fangirl over the return of the young British idol. His new album Walls will be released on January 31, 2020, so get ready for some amazing jams.

We have definitely missed Louis being in Texas since he filmed his One Direction music video for Drag Me Down at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Louis seems thrilled to finally get back on track with his music and to share his performances with the entire world. He will be hitting up spots across the globe from North America to Asia to South America and Europe. Texas was blessed to get not only one, but three tour dates.

Houston, Austin, and Dallas will all be graced with Louis' presence on July 9, 10, and 11 in that order. Though the Houston and Dallas tickets are currently on a pre-sale on his website, the Austin tickets at the ACL Live Theater are on sale now!

You might need to buy a ticket or ten for you and all your Directioner friends right now.

Louis has announced how happy he is to finally be on tour for what we expect to be a very deep and powerful album that follows the passing of his mother and sister in the past couple of years. His music has proven to show the strength he has gotten from dealing with his loss and we cannot wait to hear the rest of what his creative mind has in store.

You can reserve your tickets to see Louis on his world tour here. It's time to bust out your old #TeamLouis t-shirts and draw up your sign saying "Sing Little Things!" because Louis is coming to town.

Meanwhile, you will have to wait for Louis by checking out other iconic Texas artists like Lizzo who come to town more often than the Brit does. Until he arrives, we will just have to jam out at the Texas State Fair.

Louis Tomlinson World Tour

Price: 💸 - 💸💸

When: July 9, 10 & 11

Why You Need To Go: Louis is coming back to Texas for the first time since he was with One Direction, it's a means for celebration!

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