We all remember the iconic video games from back in the 90s, also known as "the good ol' days". Hardcore fans are still playing games with the most famous Nintendo character after all these years, and now there's cause for us all to celebrate. Newly released limited-edition Mario-themed ice cream by Cold Stone Creamery will be sold at select stores this month. 

The promotion runs through the end of October, and now you can enjoy two of your favorite things at the same time: ice cream and video games.

Make sure you either look online at your local store or give them a ring because not every Cold Stone Creamery is participating in the promotion. According to a local Houston Cold Stone location, the popularity is through the roof and they're constantly receiving calls asking if it's still in stock. 

There are two options available, and the most popular choice has to be Mario & Luigi's Masterpiece which features a waffle bowl with your choice of ice cream and a themed protective bowl so you don't get all sticky. Top it all off with some electric blue frosting and as much fudge as you can possibly handle. 

The other option is a little more intense so make sure you bring a friend to help you make a dent in the massive Rainbow Sprinkle Road Cake. It consists of layers of yellow cake mixed with sweet vanilla ice cream, sprinkles, and some fluffy blue frosting. Plus, it has this cute little Mario figurines on top for an extra touch. 

And if you're in the mood to take an ice cream tour of Houston, this instagrammable spot may just have the cure for your decadent cravings.

We knew Mario was popular in the video game world, but his brand of ice cream is being scooped up faster than you can say game over.

Mario-Themed Ice Cream At Cold Stone Creamery

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Ice Cream

Why You Need To Go: The perfect blend of 90s nostalgia and a tasty treat.