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You Can Drink A Massive Moscow Mule & Bowl At This Houston Hot Spot

Everything truly is bigger in Texas.
Massive Drinks Are Served At This Houston Bowling Alley

Deep in the heart of Texas, Houstonians know that bigger is pretty much always better, especially when it comes to our alcohol! So whenever we hear of a place serving up drinks bigger than our heads, we know we're sold. So luckily, there's a giant boozy bowling alley in Houston called Bowl & Barrel with an industrial-vintage vibe that's whipping up the biggest Moscow mules we've ever seen.

As much as Texans love a good mule, they would probably need help finishing one of these bad boys, which is totally fine because Bowl & Barrel has a ton of bowling lanes that makes it easy to visit with a big group of friends.

This doesn't mean we're not saying no one can order one of the baby-sized mules for themselves, we're never one to judge!

The massive portions don't stop at their drinks, they also have huge homemade cotton candy! Also if you need some carbs to soak up all the ginger beer, they have a full menu including giant pretzels.

Bowl & Barrel is family-friendly but also has adult events and adult-only times, just make sure to check their Insta to know when they are.

If you wanna grab a massive mule but aren't in Houston, first of all, what are you doing? You've gotta get back to H-Town! But seriously don't worry because they also have Dallas and San Antonio locations.

At this hot spot, the more people you bring, the cheaper it'll be. You can rent out the lanes in half-hour or hour-long chunks and depending on if it's a weekday or weekend the price is $16 or $22 for half an hour.

Each lane holds up to eight people so it's easy to split, just make sure everyone has Venmo!

Houston has a ton of bowling options and if you want to check out another fun location head to Houston-favorite Pinstripes for bowling and Italian food. And if one place isn't enough to get your massive drink fix, then stop by the Turkey Leg Hut who are serving up the biggest drinks in Texas!

Bowl & Barrel

Price: 💸💸

Address: 797 Sorella CT STE 118 Houston, TX 77024

Why you need to go: It's a great group hang spot that actually has fun things to do, eat, and drink.


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