Just this week, worldwide chain McDonald's revealed that they are testing out their brand new fried chicken sandwiches to compete with the mass hysteria that came from Popeye's famous sandwich launch this year. The new McDonald's fried chicken sandwiches will be only in Houston and Knoxville during their test run before they decide to expand it to other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, people don't seem to be as hyped as they were for Popeye's and other fast food joints with similar menu items. The reactions on social media were less than enthusiastic.

The new fried chicken sandwiches are The Crispy Sandwich and the Deluxe Crispy Sandwich. The first is topped with butter and the joint's classic favorite dill pickles while the latter is topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Both sandwiches will include a brand new buttered potato roll.

Some replied with simple disinterest in the new menu item, like Twitter user Nathan Allen Pirtle who simply had to say "Ehhh". Many agreed to his simplified reaction to the new fried chicken sandwich.

Twitter user Forklift Jones pitched in to the conversation and stated that "at least we know no one will get hurt for these," referring to all of the incidents that happened during the Popeye's new fried chicken sandwich launch earlier this year.

Some locals in either Knoxville or Houston have already stated their distaste in the sandwich, making claims that it was unappealing.

Twitter use Alexander North stated that the "chicken was soggy and my bread was stale, so stale you could break your teeth on it" which gathered likes and more responses from people who agreed.

Others just want the ice cream machine to start working again since it's a long-running joke that they never seem to be up and running at any McDonald's location across the map.

While we all wait for the ice cream machine to work again, it might be time to try the new fried chicken sandwich out for yourself and see if you enjoy their new competitive creation.

They will be available in Houston for the next couple of months so you definitely have time to stop by one of these days and make a judgment of your own!

Or you can stop by the new In-N-Outs in Houston that are all finally beginning to open. Either way, it's time for a tasty sandwich for lunch.