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This Magical Garden In The Middle Of Houston Will Transport You To Wonderland

This massive collection of gardens is best during sunset.
This Magical Garden In The Middle Of Houston Will Transport You To Wonderland

The Museum District pulls our attention in a hundred different ways— the Houston Zoo over here, MFAH over there, Natural Science Museum over here. And yet, McGovern Centennial Gardens in Central Houston sits quietly and powerfully in the center of Hermann Park in all of it's unsung glory.

One skip through this garden will transport you into Wonderland. And lucky for us, the garden is open later during the summer season, from 7 am all the way to 8 pm. With the sun setting around a quarter past 8 pm in the city, these hours offer the best experience and lighting possible to enjoy this gorgeous park.

The Centennial Green is surrounded by themed garden rooms with more than 240 trees, 760 hedge shrubs, more than 55,000 colorful bulbs, and 4.5 acres of fresh green grass.

This refreshing area has five gardens—the Arid Garden, the Rose Garden, the Celebration Garden, the Woodland Garden, and the Family Garden.

The Arid Garden is for all the succulent lovers. It's filled with beautiful, large evergreen succulents and colorful native plants.

The Celebration Garden is perfect for just that—celebrating! Tall hedges enclose the area for a private tea party, romantic event, or even an unbirthday party! Just watch out for any rabbit holes—this seems like the sort of place you could lose your "muchness" if you're not careful.

The Rose Garden has a windy path with arches of roses and filled with all different kinds of gorgeous, colorful flowers. Just don't go painting them red. I don't think the operators would like that very much.

Then there's the Woodland Garden, lacking no good plant species. It has flowers native to Hawaii, Europe, and, of course, Texas.

And finally, the Family Garden, is interactive, educational, and edible! Fresh grown fruit, veggies, and herbs are grown here, and you can bring your kiddo to unleash here.

And remember, imagination is the only weapon in our war against reality, so be sure come ready to embody your true Alice.

McGovern Centennial Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 1500 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX  77004

Why you should go: Five beautiful gardens await you and your imagination in the gorgeous Museum District.


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