In this summer heat as we go to work, we can sometimes catch glimpses of happy-go-lucky kids who speed by on their bikes outside, laughing away. Oh to be a kid again, where summers are filled with carefree playdates in the sun, sipping ice cold milk with a straw and Capri Sun juice pouches that booze? Oh, right, that's not a memory. That's just blissful dreams of being at the brand new bar that just opened in Houston, Monkey's Tail.

Monkey's Tail is one of the most anticipated new bars of the summer, and we totally see why. Not only are the drinks amazing, but there's a dog-friendly patio, pool table, and lounge area within this 3,000 square foot space.

They have some of the most creative concoctions like the boozy juice pouches and 3 Milks cocktail with Rum, tres leches, pineapple, strawberry, cherry, and nutmeg.

They even have a cocktail with Banksy inspired art—heck yes!

Some of their signature drinks are already some of Houstonian's favorites, and their names are as fun as they'll make you.

  • 3 Milks
  • Just Wait Bish (we can't wait to say that to the bartender with some attitude)
  • Momma Coco 
  • No... Pos Ta Cabron pouch
  • Esperanza (featuring the interesting ingredient: egg white)

They also offer some promising food on the menu. They have everything you could want including burgers, wings, hotdogs, pizza, and queso! So, you're gonna want to hang here for a while.

Happy Hour is from 2 pm to 7 pm and features $6 Viejitas Cocktails, a dollar off bottles and cans, and a dollar off Feliz meals.

Monkey's Tail is open daily from 11 am to 2 am, so come hang and bring back the warm feelings of your childhood while still enjoying your legal age!

Monkey's Tail

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Mexican American food and drinks

Address: 5802 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009

Why you need to go: For the boozy juice pouches or the 3 Milk cocktail!