Growing up, we all dreamed of the day that we would one day travel to space, whether that be as an astronaut or a passenger aboard a ship from one of our favorite sci-fi movies. While much of space has already been explored, there's still plenty that we have to leave up to the imagination, though, there are ways to see more than you'd expect. NASA's live stream of Earth is the perfect way to see our planet, as well as its surroundings, from a new perspective. 

Whether you're a space fanatic or trying to find ways to celebrate Earth Day from home, NASA's ISS Live Stream will provide you with a view of Earth that's truly out of this world.

The live stream is available on YouTube and allows you to sit back, relax, and take in the planet we call home.

There's soothing music that plays in the background as well as a way to chat with others if you feel so inclined.

Not only is this the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day from home, but NASA's website provides a lengthy list of other ways to #EarthDayAtHome with NASA.

You can make your own worldview GIF, map real coral reefs, do an Earth Day at home Webquest, and much more.

This year is a special one, as it marks 50 years of celebrating Earth Day. Celebrating it is a must!

Throughout the day, you can interact with NASA staff through Twitter, InstagramFacebook, their website, and more. 

After all, who better to learn from than the incredible astronauts themselves?

Put on the awe-inspiring live stream of Earth and ask a professional any burning questions you've been dying to know about the planet or the other orbiting planets around us.

If you're celebrating #EarthDayAtHome with NASA be sure to include the hashtag in any photos you share.

Happy Earth Day!