You Can Now Walk Through Hundreds Of Floating Illuminated Origami Birds In Houston

It's truly a sight to see.
You Can Now Walk Through Hundreds Of Floating Illuminated Origami Birds In Houston

If you're from Houston, visiting Discovery Green is a must this winter, and we're not just saying that because of the gorgeous ice skating rink that's there. The urban park is home to numerous art installations right now, one of which involves hundreds of illuminated origami birds. Paloma at Discovery Green in Houston was officially unveiled this past weekend, and it's even better than we had imagined. 

Paloma is a site-specific public art installation sponsored by PNC Bank. The installation was created by the French creative studio, Pitaya. 

Visitors are welcome to experience Paloma at Discovery Green from now until Monday, February 24. If you're from Houston, you have absolutely no excuse to miss out, and if you're not, we recommend making the trip ASAP. 

While walking along the trails at Discovery Green, you'll know when you've stumbled upon Paloma when you see the hundreds of origami birds suspended in the sky.

Two hundred, to be exact, and from a canopy along Discovery Green’s Brown Promenade, more specifically. 

If you come at night, you'll see them illuminated by dynamic LED lights, ultimately lighting up the entire sky. 

This makes for gorgeous pictures, or a romantic evening stroll if you're out with bae. 

During the day, the installation is just as majestic, and just as great for photos. 

Sculptures and music won't be far from Paloma. Normally we'd say you're getting more bang for your buck, but all of these installations are free to enjoy!

If you're coming to Discovery Green for the ice skating, you will have to pay for that, but most everything else is free. 

Whatever reason you end up at the park, you won't be disappointed once you're there. It's the perfect place to spend a winter evening!

Paloma Sponsored by PNC Bank

Price: Free

When: Friday, November 22 - Monday, February 24 

Address: 1500 McKinney St, Houston, Texas 77010

Why You Need To Go: To experience all that Discovery Green has to offer this winter. 

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