Some people never gave up on PokémonGo—still searching aimlessly in the middle of Vintage Park and Discovery Green in hopes of catching Blastoise. Maybe they knew about something so cool that we didn't, because this October 5th and 6th, a PokéBar pop-up is making a stop in Houston and you need to be prepared. 

Divided into 7 regions, each session will include two hours of battling and hunting it out. There will be one ultimate winner among the regions, so get serious!

But if catching isn't your strength, there will also be prizes for the person with the best costume, Pokémon trivia winner, or each division winner.

Tickets get you admission, a Pokémon burger, and a themed drink. From the food and cocktails down to the music, everything here is Pokémon themed!

While the ticket prices aren't disclosed yet, other pop-ups across the country indicate they will range from $25-45 each. Whatever it is, we're convinced the bragging rights will be well worth it.

For a ticket, you must register for pre-sale on their official website. Tickets are limited and are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, so hurry and catch yours!

If you're thinking about bringing a kiddo (or you are a kiddo), remember—anyone under 21 must be accompanied by an adult.

PokéBar is an international tour, hitting other hot spots like Miami, New York, and London.

The location of the Houston pop-up is also not released yet, but we're just hoping it won't be another thing we have to hunt down. But keep updated on their website, and sign up for their newsletter to lessen the intensity of your Pokémon hunt.

PokéBar Pop-Up

Price: $25-45

Address: Undisclosed, sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Why you should go: For Pokémon-themed food, fun, music, challenges, and cocktails!